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Up-Coming 2014 Events at Doggie U




August 3, 2014, Sunday
Doggie U Teacup Trial

Judge: Joyce Yaccarino

5 Classes

3 Rounds of Standard
Snooklers (spelling is correct)

is available on this website:Long Island Trial Services

or get the premium here:
DU Teacup August

August 10, 2014
Doggie U Obedience Match


Entry is online here at Dog Match

link for match show entry


August 16 & 17, 2014
Saturday and Sunday
SOTC CPE Agility Trial

JUDGES:     Jeff Boyer
CLASSES:     Saturday   Sunday
Standard   Standard
Wildcard   Colors
FullHouse   Snooker
Jumpers   Jackpot
ENTRY LIMITS:    Limited to 375 Runs per Day - NO Day of Show Entries
CLOSING DATE:    August 3, 2014
CONTACT:    Lynn Currie   631-499-1630

August 23 & 24, 2014
Saturday and Sunday
DACLI AKC Obedience Trial

Indoors / Air Conditioned at the Doggie U facility

Lynn Currie & Donald Levinson

For more information
Long Island Trial Services


September 1, 2014
Labor Day Doggie U Agility Match

Nested Standard Agility Courses

Agility entries $10 per run, 2 minutes on the floor, limit 2 runs per dog, additional runs available if there is time and space on day of match

Confirmed time slots will be available on the website by Friday August 29, 2014
Pre-Registration required, please send in your form and payment.
Pre-entries close when time slots are filled or the Saturday before the day of the match

Morning Small dogs 4” 8” 12” 10am-1pm
Afternoon Big Dogs 16” 20” 24” 1pm- 4pm

Click here for flyer: WORD PDF

September 14, 2104
Doggie U Obedience Match

info coming soon.....

September 21, 2014
Doggie U Breed Match

info coming soon.....

October 9-12, 2014

Stacy Peardot Agility Seminars


Thursday Oct 9 Novice/Open Handling - FILLED

Friday Oct 10 Masters Handling -FILLED

Saturday Oct 11 Side Changes & Uses of them on Course - FILLED

Sunday Oct 12 Masters Handling -FILLED


Please note new cancellation and refund
policy before you sign up for this seminar.
click on the link below for the flyer: PDF WORD

And if you can't do a working spot, please come and audit.  Auditing spots are available on all four days!
Auditing spots are like attending a lecture, so you do not have a dog

to run, you can still walk the courses, listen and ask questions. 

See and question why and how others handle it.  As our dogs learn

from watching, so can we, there is so much to learn.  Do not this

great opportunity pass you by.  And the price is right!

member audit $40.00/non-member audit $45.00
October 24, 25 & 26, 2014

Doggie U CPE Agility Trial


Join us for three days of trialing.

Again, we are having a class on Friday night.


Judge: Paul Stusalitis


Friday: Jackpot

Saturday: Standard/Colors/Jackpot/Jumpers

Sunday: Standard/Wildcard/Snooker/Fullhouse


Entry Limits: Friday 75 runs, 350 Saturday and Sunday


Premium will be available on this website soon:



November 1, 2014

Diane Goodspeed Agility Seminar


Saturday November 1, 2014 8am-11:30am Beginner Agility Skills

In this seminar we will do a lot of flatwork drills that work the directional commands (out, close, turn back and go) that do not require jumps and

are appropriate for almost any level. They're fun too! Then work a few

simple 3-4 obstacle sets. Really focus on what agility dogs need to learn.

There will be no weaves in this seminar. 8 Working Spots


Saturday November 1, 2014 12:30pm-4pm Novice / Open Skills

We will do 1 hour on front-crosses and 1 hour on rear-crosses and then

finish with sequences that use turns. Plenty of drills will be worked on

to break the crosses down & focus on the underlying skills for handlers

and dogs. FILLED



click here for the flyer:




November 16, 2014

Doggie U Teacup Trial


Judge: Joyce Yaccarino


5 classes


2 Rounds of Standard

Power & Speed

Near & Far

Impossible Tunnel


premium coming soon.....


November 23, 2014
Doggie U Obedience Match

info coming soon....



December 6th, 2014
Karen Profenna Tricks Seminar

2 Seminars, each 3 hours long, 9-12am and 1-4pm
$60 per person, Doggie U members / $65 non members

Auditors $25 per seminar

limited working spots available each seminar, Only one dog per person, per seminar. Auditors do not bring a dog to the seminar

about our presenter:
Karen Profenna, CTDI, APDT Member, CPE Member, NADAC Member
Trick training enhances your relationship and bond with your dog. Positive training motivates and stimulates your dog so that you have a happy, trusting team that works well together. Tricks help in every aspect of competition as you teach your dog that it is fun to play with you. Attention earns a reward.

I have worked with my dog, Hailey, since she was a puppy. Now at the age of 8, she competes in Agility, Rally & Obedience and has earned her C-ATE in CPE (close to C-ATE 2), MACH in AKC (4 double Q's away from MACH2), AD in USDAA (got a buy for Regionals) has all her Elite titles and close to a NATCH in NADAC, has DOCNA titles, Rally APDT Level 3 title, and CDSP Utility Title. Hailey is a TDIEOV certified therapy dog through TDI (Therapy Dogs International) and performs in excess of 200 visits a year to nursing homes, convents, hospitals, senior centers and disaster sites. She performs in excess of 150 tricks and performs them cheerfully and eagerly. She has an agent and does TV Commercials, Books, training videos and print ads. Her most recent commercial was aired on Thanksgiving Day with her playing the piano. Hailey also has her CGCA and TT titles. She dabbles in freestyle and is a Trick Dog Champion (TDCH).

Patience and perseverance has turned a hyper destructive dog into a loving obedient, fun and challenging companion. Hailey's goal in life is "how can I please, let me try the ways...."

Flyer coming Monday......


December 7th, 2014

Doggie U Teacup Trial


Judge: Natalene E. Lemming


5 classes


3 Rounds of Standard

Mute Agility

Tunnel Snooker


premium coming soon.....

December 12, 13 & 14, 2014

Doggie U CPE Agility Trial


Join us for three days Join us for three days of trialing.

Again, we are having a class on Friday night.


Judge: Mike Willis


Friday: Snooker

Saturday: Standard/Wildcard/Snooker/Fullhouse

Sunday: Standard/Colors/Jackpot/Jumpers


Entry Limits: Friday 75 runs, 350 Saturday and Sunday


Premium will be available on this website soon:



2015 Events


January 2, 2015
Doggie U Agility Match

info coming soon.....


Saturday & Sunday
January 3 & 4, 2015
Doggie U CPE Agility Trial

Judge: Donald Skibniewski

info coming.....

Saturday & Sunday
January 10 & 11, 2015
DACLI Novice/Open AKC Agility Trial

info coming.......


January 18, 2015
Doggie U Teacup Agility Trial

Judge: Bo Yarmeko

info coming.......

Saturday & Sunday 2015
January 24 & 25, 2015
Doggie U CPE Agility Trial

Judge: Lola Grab

info coming.......

February 7, 2015
Doggie U Obedience Match

info coming soon....

February 8, 2015
SOTC Obedience Trial

more info coming soon....


Thursday, Friday & Saturday
February 12-14, 2015
Long Island Golden Retriever Specialty Show

more info coming soon....

February 18, 2015
Suffolk Tailwaggers CPE Agility Trial

more info coming soon.....


Saturday & Sunday
February 28 & March 1, 2015
DACLI CPE Agility Trial

judge: Paul Stusalitis

more info coming soon....


Doggie U would like to thank all our volunteers throughout the year

 Please contact Doggie U if you are interested in helping out with any of the demos or events




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